Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Islam under siege

Islam IS under siege, from the modern world. A large percentage of Muslims worldwide believe in many of the issues that are worth fighting and waging organized warfare against. Although many interpretations of the Koran are agreeable with us, many ‘authentic’ laws are so hostile to us and to the rest of the world that ‘irregular’ warfare can be expected to continue indefinitely. So hostile are parts of the Koran to the rest of the world that just interaction with any other culture would explain the ongoing violence as change is resisted. This would also place pressure upon those who either supports or is against these ‘laws’. Looking at it from inside Islam, it would be apparent that the entire world is picking on you. It would look as if everyone is against you. And to a certain degree, they are.

Islam must change. Those who believe in many of the ‘authentic’ laws that are so hostile to the rest of the world are causing much of the violence. There is no alternative way to interpret the penalty for leaving Islam. You either enforce the death penalty, or you do not. It is worth waging war to end this practice. It will trigger violence when enforcement is ended. Take the example of stoning a convicted adulteress to death. Riots occurred in Nigeria in the summer of 2006 because the court refused to administer the penalty. (Nigeria is about 50% Muslim and 50% Christian) In 1804 the Barbary pirates seized some U.S. ships and demanded Tribute. Under Islamic law, Tribute is to be paid by all non-Muslims living in Islamic governed land. These ‘pirates’ expanded that law to include non-Muslim ships traveling through Muslim waters. The U.S. sent our fleet over there, killed all that got in our way, and burned our ships. We fought for freedom of the seas. Think that this is an old, dead issue? In 2006, the Iraqi government was debating implementation of collection of Tribute from all non-Muslims living in Iraq. I don’t know what eventually happened, but this ’law’ is still considered valid. We fought against this ‘law’ then and we should today.

These ‘laws’ are under siege, as they should be. The war will not end until the entire Muslim population is convinced that these laws are invalid or should be ignored.

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