Sunday, December 14, 2008

The appeal of the Islamic legal system in failed states

Failed states are vulnerable to implementation of the Islamic legal system. Although the Islamic legal system is very restrictive and harsh, it can be seen as a valid source for law and order. Islamic jurisprudence has been around for more than 1400 years. Many scholars and legal experts are available throughout the Muslim world. Most political and legal systems that are restrictive have a great deal of strength. They require strict enforcement to keep the population in line. Islam is no exception. In a state which has failed, anarchy rules. Islam can defeat this situation and install order relatively quickly. Even though many would not like it, the positive benefits would gain loyalty within a short period of time. This can occur even within progressive nations. Germany in the 1920’s is an excellent example. Hitler and the Nazi organization had the country working within a very short period of time. A primary reason why Hitler was ‘Man of the year’. In the end, the cure was worse than the disease, but before it was ended, the Nazi organization had commanded unusual loyalty from a population that was well educated and modern in most, if not all respects.

It makes sense that terrorism and ‘irregular’ warfare is a major weapon of those who seek Islamic domination. If an existing system can be broken down and anarchy triggered, then another much stronger system would be required and desired. If Islam is already somewhat accepted by the general population, it would be a natural progression.

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