Sunday, November 2, 2008

Remove President Obama from office

Senator Obama’s birth records may end up being the way that he is removed from office. I am not afraid of many politicians, but this man really scares me. He wants to go to a completely passive peace standing with our armed forces. Not only this, but he will cripple our ability to anticipate and implement new weapon systems for armed conflict. We are at greater risk of starting World War III by our not making more aggressive warfare. Our enemy is willing to use WMD as soon as it is possible. We are not talking about a 3rd world gassing of civilians. If Israel, Western Europe or the U.S. mainland were hit with nuclear weapons, I would be very seriously looking into those birth records of President Obama.


  1. Obama is a stealth candidate that has been groomed for years by those who are pro-Palestinian and anti Israel and hate the basic tenets of the American Constitution, they will work to tear it down. One of Obama's top foreign affairs advisors has stated she would have all the money the US currently gives to Israel should be stopped and given to the Palestinians, she also thinks the US should send troops in to protect the Pali's from Israeli "genocide". Obama will be Israel's worst nightmare (as well as America's)..yet many Jews vote for him, fools and traitors. Baruch HaShem.
    The US will spiral down into a torrid mess and find herself in the worst state we have ever seen. "I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her".....get ready for the curse America.

  2. Obama is no friend of Israel. It shall be easily seen within the first few years.