Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attacks in India

Now that the war in Iraq has settled into a lower level conflict, more attacks can be expected worldwide. Today, the enemy is not taking enough losses to slow this down.

Chicago Tribune, 11/30/08 section 1 page 7.

"The attacks in India could increase pressure on Obama to seek a more regional approach to the war on terror in South Asia, and he previously has called for more attention to the Kashmir conflict. But his initial response has been cautious, offering condolences but holding off on any promise of tough action."

In other words, this war is larger than just the immediate area. Hopefully, President-elect Obama will understand that this is even larger than a regional conflict. It is in character for him to be cautious when fighting a war. This is a strategically defensive way to think. President-elect Obama is probably a good defensive mind. This can be seen as one of his strengths. A potential problem that I see is that while good defense is very important in war, time is NOT on our side. We need to wage offensive warfare.

The bloody nose we gave our enemies in Iraq is already cleaned up. Even if no direct connection exists between our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan, these attacks in India ARE related regarding ideology. This ideology is why I am at war. The rampant irregular warfare that is so common throughout the Muslim world is another symptom of this ideology. This ideology must be terminated. It will require warfare to do so. Defensive warfare will fail to prevent the eventual spread of this type of war. It is far better to wage offensive warfare and fight it on your terms. The war in Iraq has shown that terrorists have much more difficulty defeating our military in open battle on ground of our choosing.


  1. The war against Terror didn't even started yet, if you look at what is happening around the world you can understand that the Islamic Terrorists have a clear aim: To destroy all of our western values.It would be a big mistake to underestimate this threat!

  2. Shimson,

    I would be as big a mistake to overreact to the threat of extremist terror as well.

    The only ones who can destroy "all of our western values" are we in the west, if we allow ourselves to become isolated in the world and jettison our freedom and liberties in the name of national security.

    We must remain open to moderates and liberals in the Islamic world, if we are to have any hope at all of isolating and dismantling extremist terror.