Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Piracy versus terrorism

In the past, I have compared terrorists with pirates. With the piracy running rampant off the East Coast of Africa, I thought a more detailed comparison is in order.

Pirates are similar to terrorists:

1) Dress in civilian clothes
2) Do not carry arms openly
3) Prey on civilians as opposed to an army or organized force.
4) Use military weapons and tactics.

Pirates are NOT like terrorists:

1) Pirates attack for personal gain.
2) Terrorists have an ultimate political objective. Pirates generally do not.
3) Terrorists destroy what is inherently valuable. Pirates intend to keep what is of value.

I am certain that I have missed some. In any case, I am not so certain that the piracy of today is not only for personal gain. Please note how the list of similiarities concerns behavior whereas the differences are not. Piracy is a act, a behavior. Not some political viewpoint.

I have noticed that the most dangerous pirates of today are at the least being supported from bases where Islam is fighting. Is it a coincidence that Somalia is a battleground where Islamic forces are fighting? Waging war is VERY expensive. It would appear that they need money. I suppose that the pirates of today use the same ‘Tribute’ argument that the pirates of Tripoli in 1804 were using. We owed them money because our infidel ships were passing through Muslim waters. We fought for freedom of the seas.

This is another issue that is worth waging war over. No wonder the Islamic world is a witness to so much violence.

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