Monday, September 15, 2008


I am surprised that Musharraf is still alive. He was never popular. And they wanted him BAD. The elections put the popular views into public policy. Make deals with the Taliban. Talk about hitting the terrorists. They will naturally revoke the permission of U.S. to hit within Pakistani borders.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons and the missile systems to deliver them. Not to the U.S. but enough to wreak havoc. I am not certain that we can win this war without using nukes, but I would rather those nukes going off in Pakistan or Iran. We need missile defense weapons in Iraq, Afghanistan and India. We need greater forces within Afghanistan, but we will not win the war there. We must win in the Middle East. Hopefully we can do this without nukes, but I doubt it. The cultural changes required are just too large. Good people will fight to the death for evil. Like the good southerners, Germans and Japanese who fought and died for evil causes. The culture that is spawning repeated suicide attackers is too large not to have a significant number of these good people. And these are the ones who would have been killed off in Iraq had the U.S. withdrawn.

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