Friday, September 26, 2008

New law would prohibit immigration from Islamic lands

A new law being proposed would prohibit Muslims who favor Sharia law from immigrating to the U.S. The sponsors claim that this would slow down the growth of "Radical" Muslims within our own country. Critics say that it discriminates against Muslims. This is true.

As a general rule, I do not favor this type of discrimination by our government. However, as I have posted many times in the past, Islam represents a real danger to the U.S. Constitution, legal system and culture. The term "Radical or extremist" Muslim is misleading. To our eyes, a "radical" or "extremist" is a very small percentage of our population. It is implied that this is true within Muslim countries. The problem is that what we consider to be "Radical or extremist" views are prevalent throughout the Muslim world. Islam is not just a religion, nor can Islam be considered a ‘moderate’ legal system. The majority of Muslims from Islamic countries believe in the legal system and culture they come from. (As do most people) One basic problem that I have is that these common beliefs are not moderate by our standards.

Because Islam is so hostile to our culture, our legal system and the U.S. Constitution, I am making an exception to my general rule. I am in favor of this bill and I hope it is passed into law. Islam has a number of basic issues that are causes for warfare and violence. These issues need to be resolved before they become part of us. The violence prevalent throughout the areas of the world where Muslim immigrants have grouped together should be and can be prevented from happening within the U.S.


  1. was sure that such a law already existed in the US. It's about time!

  2. This is a total disaster. Islam is not totally at odds with our culture. In fact, many American Muslims say America is one of the few places where Islam can actually be practiced. Freedom of religion and speech are consistent with Islam - but obviously, the version you're exposed to is Extreme Islam 101, which has ripped through the Muslim world like a bad LSD trip. The way to secure American principles is to allow, not prevent, evolution to occur. Islam is, like all things, evolving - that is, gradually changing. OBL himself has been rejected by many of his former followers - why? Because someone within their world convinced them that Islam condemns those who do these kind of acts such as 9/11. Since then, al-Qaeda has split off into pieces, each piece acting on its own. They have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. They are 100% Fake Islam. Sometimes the US govt uses Fake Islam for its own nefarious purposes.

  3. Actually, there are laws against the political agenda that many of these people preach. Freedom of religion is no defense for subversion or treason. Trouble is, once that can of worms is open, the lefties will use it to go after people for homeschooling their kids.

    Besides which, if people are escaping the hell-hole that is much of the Islamic World, trying to get away from it and not trying to spread it, they need a place to run to, and we could use their help.