Friday, August 29, 2008

War is nowhere near being over

Even if progress is massive in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq, this war is far from being over. The ideology of our enemy is prevalent throughout the Middle East. The governments of Syria and Iran are symptoms of this view and are going to have to change. The mindset of the Palestinians (As well as the government) will have to change as well. Millions of people in Saudi Arabia support the extreme schools that they have set up. Few things will trigger warfare as quickly as attempted change in the educational systems. Tell me I have to send my children to an Islamic school? I will take up arms myself. For them, this is asking the same thing: I must send my children to a secular school?

Once again, this war is far from being over, even with decisive victories in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And that is pushing it, as these places are far from being stabilized.

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