Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pakistani denial

The government of Pakistan has denied involvement in an attack upon the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. This should not surprise any of us. If they really were involved, why would they want to admit it? If innocent, naturally they would not want to be connected with something that they did not do.

Pakistan has a history of involvement in Afghanistan. Pakistani intelligence has been involved with the Taliban since the 1990’s. The involvement in the attack upon the Indian embassy could have been rouge elements. After all, loyalty to an individual over the central government is common throughout the region. Look at the leaders throughout the Islamic world and you will find this issue. (It is not uncommon in other parts of the world either, but the Islamic world appears to have a greater tendency toward this issue that is connected with violence.) This is most likely a best case scenario. Worst case is the Pakistani government is acting against us in an organized way. I consider India to be an ally far more than Pakistan. This is why I am so concerned about this attack upon the Indian embassy, and all attacks upon India in general.

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