Thursday, March 20, 2008

War on terror

Japan resorted to the organized suicide attack once the U.S. penetrated its inner defense zone. This gave the Japanese military a huge boost in effectiveness. They were able to hit our ships again, when masses of conventional aircraft launching conventional attacks had been slaughtered and failed. Many Japanese believed that this would tip the war back in Japan's favor. It can be easily argued that nuclear weapons put an end to it.

The formation of Israel and U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia and Iraq has broken into the inner ring of Islam. This land is among the most important land in Muslim control. Conventional warfare has been unable to defeat Israel. A worldwide obligation to kill the occupiers has been in effect for a long time now. Unable to stop the infidel advance, Islam has adopted the same response that Japan had turned to. Repeated suicide attack is one of Islam’s last, greatest weapons.

Changing the culture that Islam is married to will be a long-term process. Surprisingly, war tends to speed up these types of changes. Many of the issues involved are worth risking your life over, so maybe this is a necessary evil. Time is not on our side. Sooner or later a terrorist organization will obtain and deploy an effective weapon of mass destruction.
This war is far from being over, with or without a full withdrawal from Iraq.

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