Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Strength and weakness of democracy


1) A democracy can get rid of bad leadership. In addition, the old leadership need not be killed off. As a result, people do not have as much motivation to cling to power. (It is still strong, but the prospect of being killed and your entire family wiped out is an extreme motivation to hang on.)

2) Is able to adjust to change more readily.

3) Represents the will of the people. Generally, people get what they want. If a law is not a good one, or an unpopular one, it can be changed. As a result, democracies are difficult to kill.


1) Difficult to establish. It takes time and resources.

2) Democracies are inefficient. It takes a large bureaucracy to enable the system to obtain the feedback that it needs in order to respond to the people’s wishes.

3) Once the population realizes that it can vote itself entitlement, fiscal responsibility becomes impossible.

4) Difficult to be consistent with long term policy.

5) Regarding warfare, democracies do not withstand long wars well. They eventually become unpopular. This is a weakness that Bin Lauden has been saying will help him to win.

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