Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our enemy is becoming more frisky

Two attacks on our embassies in the past 5 months. Embassies are national assets. No different than an attack upon one of our warships (or fleets) or military aircraft. No response from the Obama administration that I am aware of.

Actually, I favor our enemy attacking our military. Our soldiers are paid to risk their lives in engagements with our enemies. And they are well armed and trained. Now that the war in Iraq is “over” and our involvement in Afghanistan is winding down, our enemies have recovered from the black eye we gave them. Attacking an embassy is far better for them than attacking one of our armored formations.

The biggest advantage that our enemy has is the ability to 'hide' in civilian affairs. The embassies are a great target because of the interaction they must inherently have with the civilians in the country they are located. Attacking a military installation where civilians are excluded removes one of the largest advantages our enemy has. This is one of the reasons why we were winning in Iraq and Afghanistan. And this is why we are losing today. And our leadership seems to think that it is just going away.    

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