Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Islam causes war Part I
Stoning people to death. Islam prescribes a number of penalties that modern thought places into a class of barbaric relics of an ancient past. Chopping off hands, gouging out eyes, etc. I mention this as a cause of war because of the violent resistance that is being seen when attempting to get rid of this penalty. I use Nigeria an an example because it is so clear cut. Riots occurred in Nigeria in 2006 because the court refused to have a woman who was convicted of adultery stoned to death. Nigeria is about 50% Muslim and 40% Christian. (10% ‘other’) This ‘law’ is an important one because similar problems have been seen in other parts of the world where attempts to ignore this same punishment have triggered responses similar to what Nigeria witnessed. I guess if you can’t throw rocks at someone, then it is OK to throw rocks at something else. After all, that aggressive urge has to be fulfilled somehow. The Koran specifies that the rocks must be small enough not to kill with one blow and large enough to not qualify as pebbles. This medieval concept must end. It is bad enough to still have laws that allow for people to be flogged, but this ‘law’ is about as ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment as you can get. (Flogging should be dropped as well) Yet a great risk is run when attempting to get rid of it, or ignoring it. This is another demonstration of how Islam has yet to evolve with modern ideas of human thought and dignity. The elimination of stoning and flogging is being fought with violence. This is a moral issue that is similar to that of getting rid of slavery. It will be almost impossible to stop violence without resorting to organized violence, particularly concerning issues like this. This is a straightforward case of Islamic law being a cause of violence and war.
Talk about a mob mentality. I saw a video of a stoning of a young girl who finally died when a cinder block was dropped on her head. The stoning was bad enough, but the final act was actually against Islamic law. The stones are not to be so small as to qualify as a pebble, and not so large as to kill with one blow. In a mob situation, what rules can be enforced? Clearly, not even Islamic ones.
I toss in beating your wife in on this one as well. Even though different interpretations say different things, the issue is still very large in Islam. How can this be even debated? Oh! No visible marks are to be left. We are not speaking metaphorically. This is actually stated in the Koran. So it makes sense to cover the women up. Besides, this has other controlling advantages.
These 6th century ideas have come and are long gone. NO more mobs stoning people to death, or else we shoot at you too. And you would have it coming. These are good enough reasons to wage war. I rank this one as number one only as a matter of convenience, not necessarily of importance. Although this one is important enough.   

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