Saturday, November 24, 2012

Peace in the Middle East is impossible

Only two outcomes will result and one will not bring peace to the region.
After 55 years of constant warfare, it must be obvious that permanent peace is just not possible unless some drastic CHANGE occurs. The end result must be Israel is overrun and the land enters the ‘house of peace’, or else Islamic governance and nationalism dies.
Having Israel enter the ‘house of peace’ would result in genocide like the world has not seen since World War II. For a good example of what would happen after the fall of Israel, just look at how those 6 ‘informants’ were treated last week. These were 6 people who were accused of just working with the Israelis. They were not even Israelis and they were killed. I would expect even worse for those who are Israeli.
After the fall of Israel and the genocide that would follow, the land would become much more peaceful, as most inhabitants would then be dead. The new inhabitants would be exhausted by their efforts but would recover. This would not bring peace because eventually the entity that results would not remain content to live with the ‘house of war’. Warfare would be exported from that area just as surely as it was exported from Afghanistan during the reign of the Taliban and is today from Iran.
The other outcome has to be the end of Islamic governance and nationalism. A religion cannot be fielding an army any more. Imams cannot be forming and leading their own combat units. Religious law cannot be enforced that executes people for ‘insulting’ the religious leaders, nor for the host of other excuses does that Islamic law dictate. Islamic law is the most totalitarian legal system that I have ever studied. It is a 5th century system of governance that has no place in the modern world. Islamic governance is at war against every national government in the world, even those that are host to the culture that it has spawned over the past 1000 years. This is the actual cause of the constant warfare and violence that takes place constantly in all places of the world where Islam is in contact with other cultures and systems of government. I do not know of a way to have Islam evolve into a modern concept of religion other than to remove about 90% of its legal system and rules. This will not take place without open warfare any more than getting rid of slavery in the southern United States did in 1860. The effects of such change within Islam would also take hundreds of years. Before this, (as with getting rid of slavery) it would take a massively destructive war to effect such drastic change. People will fight openly to prevent that type of change in way of life. With the population of the supporters numbering in the hundreds of millions, such war could only be on the level that would exceed World War II by many multiples. In other worlds, it will require World War III. Nuclear weapons are the most likely instrument. And like the South in 1860, most likely the first blow will be stuck by Islamic nationalists in a location where the national entity is being challenged in the most obvious way(s). This confrontation cannot be delayed forever. Sooner or later, some decisive events must occur to put an end to it. Until then, the ‘cease fires’ that are so common between Israel and the surrounding areas will be constantly interrupted by warfare and violence that will continue to flare up.            

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