Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bush lied and people died?

I am guessing that by people dying, the slogan is referring to our soldiers who died in Iraq. (As if our enemies did not take any serious loss) The entire war was about how President Bush lied to make war on Iraq. Well, I can’t think of better reasons to lie. Iraq (Saddam) was paying money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. This was enough for me. I did not care if they had WMD or not, but it did make for a good excuse. Engaging our enemies in the desert was a masterful move against the enemies who attacked us on 9/11/01. The desert in Iraq is the most ideal ground for the mechanized units that we field in order to engage our enemies. The best part was that they came to us from all over the Islamic world. We then kicked their ass in Iraq and they know it. We lost a lot of good soldiers but we killed far more of them than they did us. Not exactly like 9/11/01 when only 19 of them killed close to 3000 of us. If President Bush lied in order to wage effective war against our enemies, then so be it. War is deception. In 1941, Karl Donitz said in a speech to the German people to expect heavier losses. Winston Churchill ordered the navy to beef up escorts on the North Atlantic convoy routes because the Germans were about to deploy additional submarines there. He was correct. The Germans lost more subs because their leader made a mistake and said too much. If Bush lied to deceive during wartime in order to wage effective war against our enemies, then so be it. I do not believe that he lied. Most of the information pointed to WMD. Just look at all the countries that were fooled. They sent troops as well. Even Saddam himself thought that he had them. Even if President Bush did lie, he waged effective war against them. Today, we are not winning the war and our government knows it. The black flag of our enemies were flown over our embassies in Libya and Egypt. And yet nothing has been done in almost 2 months. Our President is still ‘investigating’. I guess he has not figured it out yet. (Mr. President, we have these things called aircraft carriers that planes land on. You are only partially correct: This is all about the capability that numbers provide. You are not using our capabilities.) How can President Bush lying about Iraq and WMD compare to the lying about Benghazi? Only 3 or so days before the attacks on Benghazi , President Obama had claimed that he killed Osama (Which the U.S. did.) And we had Al Qaeda on the run. In other words, we were winning the war. The Benghazi thing (And Egypt) could only have been politically inconvenient. He was lying to protect his own butt, not our country. And he is not waging war against our enemies who conquered our embassies. This election means more to him than our winning the war. I always felt that I knew his motivations and loyalties. This does not surprise me.

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