Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loss of technology

On Sunday, April 22, 2012, I saw an interview with Joe Liberman on Fox News. A brief comment was made about the drone that was captured by Iran. Liberman did not seem to think that Iran was capable of copying the technology and dismissed any potential advances that Iran may obtain as a result of reverse engineering. What Mr. Liberman forgets is that not only is reverse engineering much easier than the original designing, but also Iran is far from being alone in the desire to obtain this technology. China and Russia (And probably a few others) would pay a nice price to be able to reverse engineer that drone. Iran will not just obtain new technology from this, but China and Russia are likely to benefit as well. I am certain that our current President is not too worried about this. After all, he changed the mission of NASA to outreach to the Muslim world in an attempt to supply Muslim countries with rocket and scientific technology. Why not this as well? I cannot prove this, but it does fit the pattern of our President not being all that concerned about preservation (Or advancement) of our technological prowess. After all, he believes that he can run our economy better than we can and the future of technological advances is ‘green energy’ sources. This is because he believes that “It is the right thing to do”. Funny, I disagree with him on this. What is important is that President Obama does not care what I (Joe Citizen) thinks. Under a representative government, President Obama is not supposed to ‘Pass a bill so that I can find out what is in it.” Just because HE believes it is the right thing to do. What if HE believed that a full-scale nuclear attack on Russia was needed? Will he go ahead and do it anyway because it is “The right thing to do”? (Hitler also thought that he knew what the ‘right thing to do’ was.)

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