Saturday, March 31, 2012

President Obama gets no respect

I read in the Chicago Tribune today (3/28/12) that President Obama was talking about how he is getting little to no cooperation with Congress. And he does not understand why this is the case? I, Joe Six-Pack, average American, can tell him. This is a copy of a letter than I sent to the RNC last week. Dear RNC, “We need to pass this bill so that YOU can find out what is in it”. This is NOT representative government!!! I am 53 years old and have NEVER been politically active. I have NEVER sent any money to ANY political campaign or organization. I called Senator Durbin’s office and my representative’s office (Bean) and told them that if that bill passed, I WOULD become active. Since then, I have sent money to Joe Walsh’s campaign and others, as I am now. I want this made clear: NO MORE DEALS with these people!! I do not care what the consequences are. If you raise the debt limit or make any other deals, I will attempt to throw you out of office and find those who will do what I ask. I have an idea: Why don’t we pass a law that says that women’s votes do not count anymore. After it passes, YOU can figure out what it does. NO MORE DEALS with these people!! Please feel free to pass this on to our Democrat enemies, as that is now what I think of them. Thank you, As you can see, this is pretty much where the Tea Party came from. President Obama does not listen. He has his view and agenda, that this is it. Well, I really hate to break this to him. He still needs to be re-elected. AND he will need a Congress and Senate that has strong enough control to prevent any conservative move to stop him. And I will do my best to make certain that he gets NOTHING. NO DEALS. And he does not understand why he is getting so much resistance in Congress? Like I said, he does not listen.

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