Saturday, March 5, 2011


President Obama is not a moderate, despite the appearance that he strives to cultivate. He was supposed to bring us and many other parts of the world together. What he actually does is create enemies. The rancor that I see in political affairs today really bothers me. Representatives are leaving their states to prevent measures that they don’t agree with. This does not seem like what President Obama was elected to provide. He was supposed to unite the United States as well as many of the nations of Earth. Compromise and getting along with everyone was to be the order of the day. I certainly hope that he is not as effective in the Middle East as he has been domestically.

On top of this, the financial problems being faced by ALL levels of government are bound to lead to all kinds of unrest as the various levels attempt to grapple with the problem. We are only seeing the beginning of the confrontations, as the solutions/penalties have not even begun to bite.

I know that President Obama believes that he "saved us from falling off a cliff." If this mess is not corrected properly, the United States just may help push the world off a cliff. After all, other parts of the world are far more vulnerable to economic shocks than we are. We may be setting the world up for another Greece, but on a much larger scale.

I just keep remembering what President Obama said after the stimulus was passed. "People thought that this would cause Armageddon, but I went out this morning and it was a beautiful day." I really don't think he understood what the worry was all about if he really thought that Armageddon would be triggered the next day. It is two years later and some type of economic cliff is much closer now. Either a large dose of inflation or a major downturn in economic activity as draconian cuts becomes the order of the day. Either way, plenty of unrest and conflict over scarce resources can be expected. I doubt that he sees any of this.

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