Friday, February 4, 2011

The Middle East is very dangerous today

The Middle East is in a very dangerous state right now. I just can't see Democracy and freedom breaking out all over the place after so many years of the population being so hostile to us. Why would they want to be like us? After all, even our very own President does not like us very much. He wants to fundamentally ‘change’ our economic system and our society to become more ‘fair’ and ‘open’. It is far more likely that these governments are going to be much less like us and more openly hostile to our interests and us. What makes this more dangerous is that they will likely target our allies who are much closer and more vulnerable. Israel is likely to become the major local target.

One recent poll says Egyptians want a bigger role for Islam in politics, they want democracy and they reject Islamic radicals such as Osama bin Laden. Respondents also showed quite high levels of support for traditional Islamic punishments such as stoning for adulterers, cutting off thieves’ hands and death for apostates from Islam.

Notice how it is not quantified for level of support for traditional Islamic punishments? I would expect a much higher level of support than what the KKK gets within the US. This makes them much more dangerous than what our typical civilian police force faces. After all, the Islamic ‘radicals’ have access to machine guns, tanks and artillery.

I am actually surprised by the relative lack of violence in Egypt. Many have much to lose, even their lives. Regime change in the Middle East has a history of elimination of the families who lost. I would expect violent reaction, just in self defense, if for no other reason.

I believe that the reason we are seeing such a rise in "Islamophobia" in the US is because so many have done what I did after 9/11. I had only a very childish view of Islam prior to 9/11. Islam was just a religion, as I know them. It did not take long to understand where the root causes of so many wars going on throughout the world originate. I have studied history for more than 40 years and have never seen so many good reasons for open warfare as I have found concerning Islamic government.

Islamic nationalism IS just one of the root causes of the war. Just the one issue of a 'religion' fielding an army is worth waging war over. "Lands" and "Waters" are defended by Nation-states, not Religions. This is just one issue. Islam as a form of government is at war against us.
With all of the anti-American feelings that have been running throughout the Middle East for decades, I find it difficult to believe that we are going to see a friendlier Egyptian government, once this sorts itself out.

The war has not begun, YET. This is only the quiet before the storm.

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