Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Defense is not going to win this war

Last week, we had the toppling of the government of Tunisia. Today, political unrest in Egypt is destabilizing the government and threatening to bring it down. More unrest is present in Yemen, Jordan, and Syria. Lebanon had a change for the worst with Hezbollah gaining strength. In Pakistan, his own bodyguard for being ‘too Western’ assassinated a major political moderate. In Afghanistan, another suicide attack was successful last week. Another successful suicide attack was also conducted in Moscow. And just a few weeks ago, Sadr had return to Iraq, from Iran.

I posted this earlier this month:

"Sadr had been in self-imposed exile in Iran for nearly three years, and his return signals the political rehabilitation of his staunchly anti-U.S. political movement in Iraq's corridors of power."

This is an understatement. This is political Islam. This imam formed and led his own ‘militia’, or a part of the ‘army of Islam’. He had fled when the ‘surge’ was working. This guy IS the enemy. He is returning from Iran and will continue his work. The people of Iraq who we need to survive and prosper are now in even greater danger. Even though this has been expected, this is a major loss in the war. The tide has turned against us in Iraq. We left far too soon.
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It is possible that friendly, democratic governments will replace that in Tunisia. And it is possible that if the government of Egypt falls, a friendly, democratic government will also replace it. Given the direction of events throughout the region at this time combined with the overall population’s Islamic background, I find it much more likely that after the dust settles, governments that are more hostile to Israel and the United States will become established. These are not good ‘changes’ for us.

We may be playing good defense within our own country (And I debate this) but we are losing overseas. The activities of our enemies are increasing. The effectiveness of our enemy’s efforts is likewise increasing. The only way that I know of to reverse this trend is to reverse our retreating from Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, we need to wage offensive warfare. The United States is doing the opposite. We can expect more of what is going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Pakistan. The events are beginning to gather momentum We are beginning to lose the war. What is worse is that this is ONLY the beginning.

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