Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can pig remains become a weapon?

A number of religions prohibit eating pork. Even today, pig products are less healthy to consume compared to other meats. Long before modern technology devised safer and healthier preservation methods, pigs were actually dangerous to preserve and/or consume. What makes this subject a possible weapon against political Islam is that all other religions have surrendered authority to the modern nation-state.

Islamic law is involved in a violent confrontation with modern governments. Many Islamic laws are actually incorporated into government legal systems, complete with Islamic restrictions upon how food is prepared. Exceptions to Islamic law are plentiful. For example, arguments arise about how medicine can contain alcohol and can or cannot then be consumed by Muslims. However, religions in general have gotten out of the enforcement business.

Once again, Islam has not. Islamic law is alive and well in many places throughout the world. In any case, it is apparent that many Muslims worldwide have a sensitivity to the subject of pig remains and products. Many will not allow themselves to come into contact and will actually go out of their way to avoid. This may be useful in the war against Islamic governance.

I have heard that if pig remains were buried on a plot of land, that ground would not be suitable to build a mosque. If true, this would be an obvious way to prevent the building of the so-call ground zero mosque. In addition, this could be useful in a number of other ways.

I have read that Israel has made public that pig lard has been placed in public busses. I remember how popular it was to blow up Israeli busses years ago, and have since noted that this has dropped off severely. Maybe the pig lard is just BS, but if the Muslim world is so sensitive to pigs and pig remains, I am certain that many imaginative ways of using it for defense can be implemented. Any major target could have a token amount placed in key places. This may seem ridiculous, but if the war becomes anything like the siege that has and is taking place in Israel, the ridiculous idea just may become an important tactic in the war.

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