Friday, June 4, 2010

The excuse

The confrontation between the Israeli blockade and the ships that are attempting to run through it is the type of incident that can be the match that lights a much bigger war. Many times, issues that are important enough to fight a war over are suppressed until a match sets off the actual shooting. In numerous cases, the actual incident that starts the shooting is something that can have very little to do with the actual issues at hand. The incident itself is an excuse more than an actual reason. In many cases, the actual reasons may not be so apparent, particularly if propaganda is effective. I am using the term propaganda but I include unintentional bias. I say this because I believe this is what is going on within the U.S. concerning what the real issues are that are at the cause of the war.

News reporting of all types is very biased toward political analysis and/or political events. This is simply because they are so good at it. However, politics and warfare do not mix well. In general, news reporting does NOT understand the fundamentals of warfare of all types. This includes the issues that can be the real causes of conflict.

This confrontation with the Israeli blockade is an excellent excuse to begin any general conflict. I believe that it is to early. I expect the war to become much larger than even a regional conflict, but I expect economic conditions to deteriorate more on a world wide level before we see anything this large. The wild card is WMD and Islamic terrorism. I doubt that any will wait once the opportunity to deploy a weapon presents itself. I don’t think that we are there yet. However, we are getting much too close for comfort. Change indeed.

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