Thursday, March 25, 2010

President Obama

I heard on the radio today a quote from a politician who was saying how Obama is being fought so hard because at least in part because he is African-American. Yea, right. The race issue again.

I know and have known plenty of African-Americans. I admire several of them. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am against everything President Obama does. I do believe that President Obama is the most fundamentally anti-American President we have ever elected. Not even close. By Anti-American, I am referring to the fact that he thinks that capitalism is bad. Capitalism is the economic bedrock upon which all our culture has been based and from where our ingenuity has come from. President Obama wants to end this. His administration has taken over close to 50% of the free market economy of the United States in only 14 months. Fundamental change indeed.

President Obama stated that he wants to ‘fundamentally change’ America. He must not have been pleased with what we were prior to his administration. So he takes over half the private sector of our country. Private wealth is being converted to public funds. This will be more efficient and fair for all. This is why I am against President Obama. I am against Democrats in general for this same reason. However, President Obama is far more persistent and effective in his pursuit of the destruction of private wealth in this country. I would see this as a threat no matter what or who he/she is.

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