Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Nation State of Islam

Osama Bin Lauden has announced that U.S. prisoners will be executed if the U.S. executes the accused mastermind of 9/11. Osama is wielding the authority of the ‘Nation of Islam’ and is speaking to the U.S. government as an equal. If this is not a major reason for open warfare, I do not know what is.


  1. "Speaking to the U.S. government as an equal" is sufficient casus belli, in your mind, for "open warfare" (presumably against the world's Muslims, none of whom anointed Osama as their leader)?

    Is that entirely rational?

    And isn't the U.S. already in a state of "open warfare" with Al Qaeda and, if not, how much wider should this "war" become? And to what end?

  2. The army of the "Nation of Islam" are the Islamic terrorist organizations. Governments who support these 'armies' need to be held accountable. Syrai and Iran to name two.

    Yes, open warfare is required.

  3. So wait if these two nations are supposedly using Islamic terrorist you think we should bring these two nations into armed contact as well?? Making more of a mess. Also lets not forget Iran has Nuclear capabilities, once again I'll say should we go head strong in, or possibly move out?? Your call.

  4. I want to thank both of you for helping so much in making this such an informative discussion. I do this part-time, so please be patient.

    I use the example of Iran and Syria because these are the most obivious supporters of terrorist groups. This choice is taken in context with the post I will be making today that is in response to another comment by anonymous. Please direct attention to the post of today, 4/3/10. Thanks again.