Saturday, November 14, 2009

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be tried in civilian court.

These cases should be a good example of how effective our civilian enforcement agencies are against our foreign Islamic enemies. I am against handling these cases in this way, but we should be able to see how well we can deal with ‘fundamental Islamists’. (At least on an individual basis) Of course, this cannot have much effect against Islamic terrorist organizations, which is what these individuals were only a small part of. I consider these Islamic terrorist organizations to be the much greater threat. Unfortunately, I do not see how our civilian legal system can deal with the Islamic terrorist organizations effectively. All it can do is go after the individuals. I find it difficult to believe that civilian courts will be effective enforcing the ‘rule of law’ on Islamic terrorist organizations.

This is why the United States military will eventually become involved, no matter what our current President believes. The principal problem here is that you can only be a policeman, or a soldier. You cannot be both. The civilian police force and the civilian legal system can deal with individuals and small groups. It cannot defeat armies. The military on the other hand, can deal with armed enemy organizations, yet is relatively ineffective if pressed into a police role. I suspect that President Obmama does not fully comprehend this concept. I may be incorrect here, but I believe that President Obama thinks the best role of our armed forces is as a well-armed police force. The restrictions of use of force for a police organization should be applied to the armed forces that we are using in the armed conflicts that we are engaged in. I just cannot see how we can triumph in this way. The war is far too large to be won in this manner.

Governments cannot be defeated in this way, so the governments who are supporters of international Islamic terrorism will be able to continue to operate indefinitely. If the sources cannot be interdicted, then the organizations will be able to continue their work at a pace of their choosing. This is not my idea of how to win a war.

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