Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FBI and police cannot win

The suspect in the Fort Hood shootings (Hasan) has stated that he was "Muslim first" and then an American. Our police and FBI can deal with individuals like this. However, dealing with the source of the ideology of "Muslim first" (Political Islam) is an impossible task for our civilian legal enforcement agencies.

The enemy that we are fighting today are those who support the ideology of political Islam. Within our own country, many place religion above anything else. However, the religions that we are familiar with have generally submitted to governmental legal rulings. For example, even though the Catholic Church is opposed to abortion, (A VERY sensitive issue) the church itself does not take organized violent action to enforce its beliefs. Islam is very different in this important regard.

As has been demonstrated worldwide, Islam does take organized, violent action when it’s ‘sovereignty’ is being challenged. This is why organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas flourish when in many cases the organizations actually clash with the host government. An additional problem is that so many will fight to defend this ideology.

This issue is of the type that historically; wars have been fought over. The U.S. Civil War is an excellent example. Many ‘good’ southerners defended the evil of slavery, yet the issues were not so simple. The entire way of life of the south depended upon that ‘peculiar institution’. This is one of the major problems when dealing with political Islam. The ideology of the ‘nation of Islam’ will not end without organized violence in the form of warfare. People just do not change their minds over things like this. History has shown that they wage war instead. The concept that an organization can commit acts of war against the wishes of the host government (And the government is not accountable) has to end.

Personal Islamic armies and Islamic armies that are not controlled by governments yet are adhering to Islamic national ‘laws’ must be defeated. Time is NOT on our side. It can only be a matter of time before one of these Islamic groups obtains an effective WMD. Even massive conventional warfare is preferable over this event. If done properly, it does not have to come down to that. However, governments that support Islamic terrorist organizations must go. The governments of Iran and Syria are the first in line. Our FBI and police are good, but in no way are they capable of defeating Iran or Syria. Nor is the FBI capable of defeating Islamic organizations that enforce the ‘sovereignty’ of the ‘Nation’ of Islam. The only organization that I know of that CAN defeat these enemies is our military.

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