Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Iran executions

Iran has announced that it will execute 7 ‘rebels’. These rebels were involved in the recent unrest that had occurred within Iran after the presidential election. I am certain they were interrogated. Most likely the methods used were not nearly as ‘nice’ as we would use. I would expect the number of public executions to rise, but only by a small number. I am just as certain that for every announced execution, many others have been enforced. While I favor the death penalty in this country, I do have a problem with Iran in that Iran’s government follows Islam.

The U.S. Constitution gives the defendant so many defenses that only the worst offenses will be prosecuted with the death penalty. Some offenders that come to my mind are Timothy McViegh and John Gacy. As far as I am concerned, they had it coming. However, one of the problems that I have with Islam is that death is prescribed so often within the Koran. For example:
Islam has 4 enemies:

1) Bandits
2) Rebels
3) Infidels
4) Apostates

This means that Islam allows execution and open warfare against these enemies. This includes the entire world outside of Islam, plus many Muslims within the Islamic world. And we are speaking of 6th century warfare when genocide, enslavement and pillage were considered common payment for the armies of the day. This is in marked contrast to the professional armies with the corresponding training and discipline of today’s soldiers. A current example of this is the match-up of the Israeli defense force against HAMAS and Hezbollah. This alone is a good reason to wage war, as has been demonstrated time and again.

I find it interesting that Islam has so many restrictions upon what a Muslim can and can’t do, but is so lax when it comes to killing what it considers to be enemies. The Koran shows how life was considered to be much cheaper in the 6th century than it is today. (Getting rid of this is another good reason to wage war.)

In summary, these executions are no surprise. Iran will crush opposition within its control and Islam will be the tool that is used, as it is in this case. Iran will continue its path of organized, irregular warfare against the United States and all of the ‘Western’ world. It can only be a matter of time before WMD enters the picture.

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