Friday, July 31, 2009

Homegrown terrorism

The recent arrest of 7 men in North Carolina is good news in that our police forces are doing their jobs well. The bad news is that this event is a portent of things to come.

As can be expected, these men were planning to wage jihad. Many ‘homegrown’ terrorists (such as Timothy McViegh) have taken violent action in the past. However, in general these ‘homegrown’ terrorists act individually or in very small groups with no coordination with others and no ideological links with any larger groups. The arrest this week in North Carolina demonstrates that violent jihad is alive and well within the United States.

Worldwide, the most obvious violent terrorist threats are from those groups that have Islam as its base ideology. Islam is the fastest growing ‘religion’. This combination can only lead to increased terrorist activity. With increased activity with come improving effectiveness. What is of concern to me is the solid base that Islam already has established within the United States.

This war has yet to really begin. For many of the reasons that I have stated in the past, plus a few that I have yet to identify, the war will continue to grow. The way that wars are won is by escalation of violence to a level that the enemy either cannot or will not match. The government of the United States has adopted a defensive posture with a much lower tolerance for open warfare and the casualties that all larger armed conflicts inflict. (On both sides) This combination can only result in a growth of our enemies’ strength. As our enemy’s capabilities grows, we can only expect to see more frequent and effective attacks.

The very fact that so many in this group are U.S. citizens is of even greater concern. The 9/11 attackers were not citizens of this country. It would be much more difficult to repeat this attack today for this reason. With this arrest however, we can expect to see Islamic terrorist attacks within our own country by citizens of the United States. This can be considered to be treason and treason is a capital offense. This alone is a major concern, and this is on top of everything else.

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