Friday, January 18, 2008

Terrorist’s son wants truce

One of Osama Bin Lauden’s sons is saying that he may be able to help bridge the gap between Islam and the ‘West’. He may be able to help negotiate some type of truce. Sounds like another ‘peace’ initiative between Israel and the Palestinians. We all know how well these are working out.

Islam is very specific about honoring truces. Many of the basic issues that are the root cause of the Civil War taking place within Islam are being ignored in all of this discussion. Truces do not resolve these problems. This war on terror is a classic guerrilla war. It is in the interest of the conventional side to initiate combat. They can withstand the losses easier; they have the firepower to make it unprofitable to engage in additional combat. It is in the guerrilla’s interests to keep the war slow, and let them pick the fights. Truces help those who resources are stretched more than those who are not pressed so hard.

I keep hearing about how our military is ‘stretched’ to the breaking point. I find this difficult to believe, even with an all volunteer army. This war is small in relation to so many others that we have fought. The enemy we face in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Islam related conflicts is not as well equipped as our army. The match-up does not favor them. Allowing for truces while we are successfully engaging them in combat is a major mistake.

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