Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fight terrorism, use the first rule of warfare:

During World War II, the leader of the German U-boat fleet was Karl Doenitz. At one point during the war, he forecast heavier losses. Winston Churchill took this as an indicator that he was going to re-deploy his U-boats from the Mid-Atlantic into the North Atlantic. Churchill ordered his navy to beef up escorts for convoys crossing to and from North America. This move ended up being correct, and although the U-boats scored some successes, they paid for all the success by losing more boats than they otherwise would have.

The point here is that Winston Churchill was listening to his enemy. He called this a ‘tip from the horses mouth." He was following the first rule of warfare:


The reason that I am discussing Islam so much in my posting is that if you listen to what the terrorists say, you will find many references to Islam. The concept of Jihad is very prominent in much of what they are saying. Understanding the terrorist mentality and motivations will only help all of us understand what needs to be done in order to defeat them.

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