Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rules of warfare

Joe Six-Packs' rules of warfare:

1) Know thy enemy. Honest and informed knowledge of your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses will only help in your efforts to succeed in whatever is being attempted. This applies to any type of competitive endeavor.

2) Know thy self. Accurate knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses will match well with rule number 1. Both of these will enable you to develop better ideas regarding what to attempt and what to avoid.

I am bringing this up because many people I have met seem to believe that they understand the war that the United States is involved in today. I have a great deal of knowledge and understanding of warfare, and I am not certain about a great many things regarding this war. The big question today seems to be: Who is the enemy? How do you identify terrorists? I am not so concerned about this. MY question is: How can we flush them out into the open? Then we can see who they are. I will be attempting to answer my own question over the next dozen or more posts.

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