Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guerrilla warfare (In general)

Guerrilla warfare has been around since the dawn of time. Typically, the match-up is between what I call conventional forces and irregular troops. Here are some common features:

1) Conventional forces tend to outnumber irregular troops. I am not speaking about popular support. I am talking combatants, men with guns.

2) Conventional forces have better weapons.

3) Conventional forces have better training. This is probably the single greatest reason why atrocities tend to be most often committed by irregular troops. This contributes as to why guerrilla wars tend to be 'nasty'. This also contributes as to why conventional troops don't prefer these types of wars.

4) Conventional forces have stronger firepower. This is related to number two. Better weapon systems would enable this.

5) Typical strategy of 'insurgent' side is to outlast the enemy. Get them to quit. Because irregular troops can't win conventional battles, they attempt to gain local advantages and bite off small parts of the conventional army. Pick at them until they tire of it and quit.

6) It is in the interest of the conventional army to have greater amounts of combat, not less. The more the better. Stronger firepower, better training and the ability to absorb greater losses mean that the more combat occurs, the greater the losses the irregular side will sustain in relation to the conventional side. The conventional side has the greater amout of endurance. More combat enables this to be used to it's advantage. The difficulty is in bringing the irregular side to battle.

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