Tuesday, December 7, 2010

know thy enemy

The first rule of warfare is to know thy enemy. It is important to define our enemy today because we have an enemy that is at war against us, even if many refuse to believe this.

It cannot be disputed that the U.S. was attacked on 9/11. This suicide attack was only a repeat of numerous suicide attacks that had been launched elsewhere throughout the world. After 9/11, suicide attacks were repeated in a number of other countries as well. These suicide attackers were supported from organizations that shared and inspired their actions. These attackers and their supportive organizations all have one thing in common: They are all Muslims. More specifically, they all believe in Islamic nationalism.

Islamic nationalism is similar to any other form of nationalism in that the population supports and believes in a certain system of governance. In modern terms, nationalism is centered on the nation-state. Nationalism is definitive as being Canadian, or English, or German, etc. Islam fits this definition.

Islam is far more than a religion. Islam is a form of government with a legal system that is complete with jurisprudence that goes back close to 1400 years. This is more than a millennia longer than ANY other modern nation. Islam has an economic system and foreign policy. Also like a modern nation, Islam fields an army to protect its interests. I call those who are supportive of this form of government an 'Islamist'. Or one who is an Islamic nationalist.

Islamic nationalists are our enemy. These are the people who support Islamic government. The reason I consider these to be our enemy is because Islam does not recognize the authority, responsibilities, or the geographical area of ANY modern nation-state. This is why ‘occupied’ lands can be anywhere in the world where Islam had control at one time or another. For Islamic nationalists, Islam is THE only true form of government. This ‘Nation of Islam’ is at open war against ALL other religions AND governments. Representatives of this ideology have even declared war openly like any other nation-state. These representatives and their organizations are fielding armed groups (Which I call their ‘army’) that are launching attacks upon our country and the other nations in the entire world. This is the enemy that we must defeat. Or else become part of the ‘Nation of Islam’.

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  1. The west has been at war with Islam since Mohammad rode out of the desert with his fanatical followers. The basic tenet of Islam is conversion by the sword...convert or die!

    There are those who would tell you that Islam is a religion of peace...not true...and those who have studied the Koran as well as the history of Islamic aggression know well that it is not true. Moreover, I lived in an Islamic country, Turkey, for four years. Turkey is considered one of the most liberal of Islamic countries because of its secular government. But it is still Islamic and militant...just ask the Greeks on Cypress...