Monday, April 19, 2010

al Qaeda in Iraq leaders killed

The two top al Qaeda personnel in Iraq were killed today by Iraqi forces. At least we know that we left the Iraqi forces well equipped to deal with the problem militarily. At least they have a fighting chance. The desert is the best ground on earth for us to engage the enemy on. We have a good opportunity to continue this process, but our leadership thinks differently. I am fearful of what will become of the democracy after we have left them.

Our shift to strategic defense along with the shift to looking for internal threats is a really poor combination in our efforts to end the war. President Clinton recently said that if the rhetoric by the ‘tea party’ doesn’t tone down, we would see more Oklahoma City bombings. I see this as his believing that the internal threat is not only more immediate, but also a greater threat. The wars will wind down as we withdraw simply because we caused the war to become far more widespread and much larger than it should be.

Conclusion: We are in BIG trouble. The shit just hasn’t started to hit the fan yet.

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