Monday, October 19, 2009

Pakistan offensive

Pakistan is conducting an offensive to drive the Taliban out. Historically, irregular troops have always had difficulty standing up to conventional forces in straight up fights. The lack of training, inferior firepower and in most cases, inferior numbers add up to avoiding a stand-up fight and adopting hit and run tactics.

Pakistan is fighting against political Islam. The Taliban wants to run things its way, which is much more in the way of the teachings of the Koran than the way the Pakistani government runs things. I have seen a report that if successful, we will have basically won the war on terror. The war itself will begin to wind down and fade away. NOT!

The number of supporters of political Islam that are spread throughout the world is far too large to not have organized terror groups recover and re-deploy. Many of these Islamic political terror groups are not directly impacted by the war in Pakistan at all. Many are being supported by other governments(such as Syria and Iran) whose bases are not being negatively impacted at all.
A victory in Pakistan will help in our ‘war against terrorism’, but in no way can this war be considered to be over. It will just enter a new phase.

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