Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Flushing out the enemy

On I found an article titled 'US forces lure Iraqis with bait.' US snipers have been planting munitions in Iraq and shooting people who attempt to take it. Three snipers are being held for court martial for planting evidence upon individuals after they had been killed.

It stands to reason that if the enemy suspected this might occur, they will do one of two things: Coerce someone to do it for them. Or pick someone who is more expendable. In both cases, make certain that they do not have any evidence upon them that will allow us to determine which is which. From our point of view, we really will have no way to know. The main problem here is that the choice is: Are you a policeman or a soldier? In combat situations, you cannot be both. Deception and ambush are long established valid tactics in warfare. However, entrapment by police is illegal. Are we going to make our soldiers be policemen, or be soldiers?

I am guessing that in Iraq, it just may depend upon where you are at the time and what the situation is. The problem for us in the U.S. is how can we really tell? My own personal opinion is that Iraq is a war zone. I believe that we have to trust our men over there. My life is not dependent upon this. Our soldier’s lives are. If the war was here, I might feel differently. I don’t know. I just do not ever want to find out.

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